Tuesday, December 27, 2011

There Always You in My Pray : *

This picture was taken right after I took her bath in the morning. I lovee this candid photo of her.
Meet my little daughter Raqiqa Qairin Annum. Yesterday was her birthday 26 Des 2011 .Poor my home Internet connection, so I could'nt post this yesterday.On her Golden Age as full time house wife I am with her every single day 24 hour. Lucky for her :) coz when I was a litle my mom went to work outside our house. And her mom made her doll. Yess, Anil its the doll beside Annum was made by my hand and a little help from my artisan. Will tell you in the next post about my new experience on making  Doll Anil.

Wish You  all the best Annum. There always you in my pray .
:* Santhy

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